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Online Petition Launched in Favor of Fuel Choice

Do you agree with the following statement?

“As a consumer, I should be able to decide what fuel to use in my car.”

If so, the American Coalition for Ethanol is asking that you sign its online petition to show your support for greater fuel choice at the pump.

ACE launched the petition last month on its main website,, and at press time more than 500 people have signed.

“This is similar to our E15 efforts last year with an online petition at, ultimately achieving nearly 7,000 signatures which were then shared with the U.S. EPA as part of ACE’s official comments in support of the E15 waiver,” said Brian Jennings, Executive Vice President of ACE. “Now we hope to gather as many signatures as possible to demonstrate to our leaders in Congress how strongly people feel about finally breaking petroleum’s monopoly at the pump.”

The petition states:

“As a consumer, I should be able to decide what fuel to use in my car. Today, Big Oil controls that decision. I support legislation in Congress to increase the number of Flexible Fuel Vehicles and expand funding for blender pumps in the United States. This kind of legislation would create American jobs while improving consumers' ability to choose cleaner-burning ethanol fuel blends.

By signing this petition, I join thousands of other voices to express my strong support for an increase in the number of Flexible Fuel Vehicles and expanded funding for blender pumps in the United States.”

ACE supports the “Consumer Fuels and Vehicle Choice Act,” S. 1627, introduced by U.S. Senators Harkin (D-IA) and Lugar (R-IN), which would support the expansion of FFVs and blender pumps to increase fuel choice for consumers. Learn more about the topic of fuel choice in the Press Room at

To sign the petition or view the names on it thus far, visit

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