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ACE Ethanol Conference Set for August 3-5 in Kansas City

Registration is now open for the American Coalition for Ethanol’s 23rd annual ethanol conference, which will be held the first week of August in Kansas City, Missouri. ACE has chosen a theme of “Empowering Fuel Choice” to describe the ethanol industry’s efforts to bring consumers meaningful choices at the pump.

To register, visit and click on “Conference & Trade Show” in the upper menu, or use the “ACE Conference” quick link on the right-hand side. The best registrations rates are offered to those who sign up by July 23. Members of the American Coalition for Ethanol also receive a preferred rate.

Many of the conference presentations will carry the “fuel choice” theme, including discussions on the approval of E15 and the use of blender pumps to increase the availability of ethanol-blended fuel to consumers.

Another important topic at the event will be to compare ethanol and petroleum, specifically the carbon footprints of the future sources of each.

“Oil is getting dirtier while ethanol is getting cleaner,” said Brian Jennings, Executive Vice President of ACE. “Today’s production of ethanol is clean and efficient, and that continues to improve every year with advancements in technology. The opposite is true of petroleum, where future sources of oil like the Canadian tar sands will be even more carbon-intensive than conventional oil is today.”

Jennings says it is imperative that this information get into the hands of policymakers, the media, and the public so the best decisions can be made about the best fuel choices for the future.

Other conference topics will include the California Air Resources Board and its Low Carbon Fuel Standard, an update on the progress toward commercializing cellulosic ethanol, distillers grain, alternative feedstocks for ethanol production, and RFS2. Ethanol producers will also find valuable information in sessions on OSHA compliance and regulatory issues, governance, and greenhouse gas emissions reporting.

Conference director Shannon Gustafson says attendees will enjoy the location, which is in the heart of downtown Kansas City.

“This year’s venue, Bartle Hall at the Kansas City Convention Center, is located right next to the Kansas City Power & Light District, a newly renovated neighborhood that’s filled with dining, shopping, and entertainment options,” Gustafson said. “It should be a fun place for ethanol supporters to gather before and after the conference proceedings.”

The American Coalition for Ethanol is proud of its tradition of hosting a quality conference and trade show at a reasonable price, and they hope you will make plans to join them in Kansas City this August.

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