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Ten Ways to Take Action for Ethanol

This year, ethanol needs your grassroots support more than ever. Consider taking action for ethanol in some of these suggested ways.

1. Make your voice heard in DC
Write or call your Senators and Member of Congress to urge their support of ethanol.
Use ACE's Legislative Action Center at

2. Vote for ethanol
Vote for and donate money to candidates who support ethanol.
Work to ensure that your party's platform contains pro-ethanol policy positions.
Donate to ACE's state political action committee.

3. Tell the media what's what
Write a pro-ethanol letter to the editor.
Post comments on ethanol-related articles on newspaper and TV news websites.
Call in to radio talk shows in support of ethanol.
Consult ACE's media action center to find contact information for your local media.

4. Fuel your ride with ethanol
Use ethanol-blended fuel each and every time you fill up.
Consider making your next vehicle a Flexible Fuel Vehicle to use E85.
Consult ACE's blender pump map to find mid-range ethanol blends along your route.

5. Ethanol-ize your local gas station
If your local station offers ethanol, tell them thanks!
If they don't, ask them to add ethanol blends at the pump.
Encourage them to increase consumer choice through blender pumps & mid-range blends.
If they refuse to add ethanol, boycott the station and spread the word.

6. Support ethanol in your community
Correct misinformation when people perpetuate ethanol myths.
Line up a pro-ethanol speaker to visit your local service club.
Encourage your mayor to have city vehicles fuel up exclusively on ethanol blends.

7. Check out these new ethanol websites
Read ACE's blog at
Join the "Ethanol Collective" social network at
Visit the interactive ethanol calculator at
Play around with the "Barrel Blaster" online game at

8. Become a member of the American Coalition for Ethanol
Consider becoming a member of ACE, the nation's largest ethanol advocacy group.

9. Read Ethanol Today magazine
Read Ethanol Today each month in hard copy or online at
Pass along your copy of ET to friends, colleagues, or with reception areas at local businesses.

10. Share your ethanol story
Ethanol has a great story to tell, and the American Coalition for Ethanol is working to compile peoples' personal ethanol stories – money saved at the pump, good jobs, and brighter futures for your communities. If you have an ethanol story to share, send a sentence or two to ET Editor Kristin Brekke at [email protected].

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