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ACE's Advocacy in Action
by Lacey Dixon

ACE’s Jennings featured in Biofuels Financial Conference

ACE Executive Vice President Brian Jennings will join the program of speakers for Christianson & Associates’ fifth annual Biofuels Financial Conference. The event, held June 24 -25 in Minneapolis, will feature panels on commodity risk management, leadership practices, business analysis, and technical and industry updates. The business analysis portion of the program will feature Jennings and other speakers, providing audience members with financial analysis and modeling tools and outlining considerations in a volatile marketplace.’s E15 Action Center provides valuable information

As the EPA continues to consider an official waiver application for the approval of ethanol blends up to 15 percent, ACE encourages people to check out the helpful resources posted in the E15 Action Center on its website, The center includes frequently asked questions, links to the scientific research backing the use of E15, quotes from high-profile supporters, and suggestions for how people can take action in support of E15.

The EPA waiver request was filed March 6 with the EPA on behalf of Growth Energy, the American Coalition for Ethanol, the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition, the Renewable Fuels Association, 51 ethanol producers and several cellulosic ethanol companies.


Exhibitors: Register for ACE’s Annual Ethanol Conference & Trade Show today

The American Coalition for Ethanol’s 22nd Annual Ethanol Conference & Trade Show will be held August 11-13 at the Midwest Airlines Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and your customers would like to see you there. The event will gather ACE members and industry leaders to discuss the industry’s latest and greatest advancements, and ACE’s exhibit and sponsorship opportunities can give you an edge over your competition.

From reception sponsorships to advertising opportunities to the outreach opportunities of exhibiting, this event can help you reach into new areas in 2009. Contact Shannon Gustafson today at [email protected] to take advantage of the remaining opportunities available.


ACE meets with state ethanol producer associations, boards

Jennings spoke with members of the Association for Nebraska Ethanol Producers on March 24 and with the North Dakota Ethanol Producers Association on April 29. On June 2, he will address Dakota Ethanol leaders and shareholders at its annual meeting; Dakota Ethanol of Wentworth, South Dakota is an ACE member. These recent meetings have provided the opportunity to discuss pressing industry issues and highlight how grassroots involvement can mean success in market development, public policy, and PR.

Would you like to discuss how your ethanol facility or state association can take a more active role in ACE’s grassroots campaigns? Would you like ACE to speak at your board meeting? Please contact Lacey Dixon at [email protected].


Jennings to speak at biomass conference

Jennings will join industry leaders in the areas of biomass and biofuel production at the Biomass ’09 Power, Fuels, and Chemicals Workshop. The event will be held at The Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota in mid-July.

Organized by the Energy and Environmental Research Center and the University of North Dakota, the conference intends to reach out to a variety of community and economic developers, industry businesses, various levels of government, rural landowners, and researchers on topics that include trends and opportunities in utilizing biomass, second and third generation biofuels, biomass feedstock potential, and more. More information can be found at


ACE joins industry leaders at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop

ACE will join industry leaders, companies, and producers at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop in Denver, June 15-18. Be sure to visit ACE in the trade show at booth #911. We’d enjoy visiting with you about the current efforts toward E15, blender pumps and mid-range blends, state and federal legislation, and our plans to work on behalf of the ethanol industry during the second half of 2009.


ACE market development program hits Atlantic Region and Texas

Last month, ACE’s market development efforts continued with a trip to the Atlantic Region Energy Expo in Atlantic City. Ron Lamberty, Vice President / Market Development, reported that blending economics and mid-level ethanol blends remained the focus of conversation.

In mid-July, ACE will represent the industry at the Texas Food and Fuel Expo in San Antonio, a great opportunity to discuss the advantages of mid-level blends and ethanol infrastructure in one of the country’s largest fuel markets.

The fall schedule will include the Pacific Oil Conference in Reno in September and the National Association of Convenience Stores show in Las Vegas in October.

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