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Editor's Note: "May marks the official launch of"
by Kristin Brekke

We’re so glad you’ve joined us online for this special edition of Ethanol Today, our official launch of the Web version of your monthly ethanol magazine. We developed this website last year but had only been making the feature articles available on, but today we’re pleased to bring you the full version of the magazine online.

Next month we will go back to our traditional hard copy version of ET, but from here forward you will be able to consult for the full body of each month’s content.

I think the American Coalition for Ethanol has done a nice job in getting ethanol’s message out there online. I will admit that I was a bit skeptical when we ventured into the world of “Web 2.0,” unsure of how those efforts would mesh with the more traditional print mediums. Turns out it’s a perfect fit. There’s a place for newspaper articles, but also for social networks – a place for magazines, but also for blogs. More and more people are relying on the Web to get their information, and ethanol needs to have a presence there – a big one – if we are to get our story told.

If you haven’t yet, please visit these other ACE-hosted sites:

E15 has also been a major focus since the ethanol industry’s March 6 waiver request to the EPA. An allowance for up to 15 percent ethanol per gallon of gasoline would bring many benefits – new American jobs, cleaner air, less dependence on foreign oil, and much-needed market certainty that will help today’s corn ethanol and tomorrow’s cellulosic ethanol. There are several things you can do to help.

First and foremost, please sign ACE’s petition for E15 found here: In less than four weeks’ time, more than 4700 people have signed on to the effort. We want to keep the momentum going to show an impressive number of names to the EPA, the White House, Congress, and the media. Please sign and pass along the link to friends and colleagues.

Also, please consider joining us for “E15 Day” on Friday, May 15. We are asking ethanol supporters to hold rallies in their communities as a way to celebrate ethanol, generate some positive press coverage, and gather more signatures for the E15 petition. The ‘Take Action’ page on’s E15 Action Center has more details about the planned events. The ‘Take Action’ page also has easy ways to contact your Members of Congress and write a letter to the editor. Thanks for helping out with these grassroots efforts in support of E15!

Ethanol Today will come to your mail box again next month, but don’t hesitate to come back to to read the articles online, learn more about the companies that advertise on the site, or consult the archives for back issues.  Have a great month.

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